Minami [BLUE LINE ASIA TOUR 2023-2024 in Kuala Lumpur]






Minami [BLUE LINE ASIA TOUR 2023-2024 in Kuala Lumpur]


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Minami Minami, a new generation of popular singer-songwriter who has successfully risen not only in Japan but also in Asia, will hold "Minami Minami BLUE LINE ASIA TOUR 2023-2024 in Kuala Lumpur" at Zepp on February 25, 2024. Minami

Minami found her inspiration in Yutaka Ozaki during junior high, leading her to buy a guitar and dive into music. In 2017, she launched her musical journey by releasing her first mini-album, "Emotional Water," and her debut mini -single, "main actor." That same year, she fulfilled her dream of hosting a solo concert in Shibuya, titled "Emotional Water ~ my teen finale~."

In 2019, she made her mainstream debut with the album, “Kawaki wo Ameku”. In the album, the title song for TV anime "Domestic Girlfriend" Opening song "Crying for Rain" gained popularity with more than 200 million views on YouTube. Minami Minami's other works on YouTube have more than 30 million views as well, with the total number of hits for all her works on YouTube achieving nearly 500 million views.

Her cute and humorous personality naturally shows when interacting on social media, which has garnered much attention from fans. In November, Minami held a sudden live broadcast for two consecutive days on social media, surprising many. Fans from overseas have expressed their expectations for overseas tours as well as their love toward Minami's songs. Minami played the guitar and piano during the live performance and sang “Crying for Rain” as requested by the fans.

Minami Minami has always been looking forward to touring overseas, and is excited to be in Asia for the first time on this tour. Her "Minami Minami BLUE LINE ASIA TOUR 2023-2024" starts in Taipei, then hits Kuala Lumpur – it's her first time touring overseas, in just these two cities. Don't miss out on hearing her amazing voice up close – grab your tickets for a special musical experience.